6 essential tips to choosing the best tuition or enrichment centre.


There is no shortage of tuition centres in Singapore. At this point, choosing between them is a science and an art. But let me tell you the biggest secret of all: there is no “best” tuition centre. It’s all about catering to what your child needs:

The “best” tuition centre is different for every student

As much as we try to standardise things, learning remains unique to each individual. This means a tuition centre can work wonders with one child, but be a total waste of time for another. 

Some centres such as Skylace Language School, do not focus on traditional tuition methods (exam based targets, use of test papers, close adherence to school syllabus, etc.) Rather, the aim is enrichment. They want to make the students appreciate and enjoy Chinese as a second language. Even if your child has basic competency in Chinese, such chinese enrichment programmes can be useful in taking them to the next level.

Enrichment centres often also focus on life skills, such as creativity, articulation, and self-confidence.

Regular tuition centres, however, are more appropriate for students who are struggling or preparing for important exams.

Most parents use a mix, or alternate between the two. It depends on what you want and need for your child. If you’re uncertain whether the centre is more about enrichment or standard tuition, call Tuitionary’s free concierge service at 9109 7425 for a free expert recommendation.

Nonetheless, here are 6 things you should definitely consider when deciding which centre to choose.

Start with a shortlist

Know what options you have. Search and shortlist conveniently online at www.tuitionary.com.sg which consolidates some of the best tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore with full pricing and schedule details that you can filter via subject, location and budget. It’s like the propertyguru.com.sg version of tuition and enrichment centres.

Refer to testimonials by other parents and students

Some tuition centres have comprehensive testimonials (they are more than just one or two lines of praise!) Other than asking around within your limited network of friends, you can refer to over 200 testimonials written by other parents and students at www.tuitionary.com.sg by visiting the different tuition or enrichment centre pages via its convenient search function.

For example, the testimonials from Newcastle Education Centre reflect that they have experience helping students who struggle with mathematics.

If any of these testimonials are close to what your child is facing, that may be a sign you’re looking at the right centre. 

Spend within your budget

Fees can vary significantly between different tuition centres. My own advice here is simple: it is better to pay a little more to get what you need, than to pay anything at all for a substandard service.

Bad tuition can be worse than no tuition. Bad tutors can make your child resentful and hate the subject, while at the same time costing you money.

A second factor to consider is that price does not always equal quality. Don’t be under the impression that, because you pay more, the results will be correspondingly better. Don’t filter out cheaper tuition or enrichment centres by assuming something is “wrong” with them – some of the best tuition centres have low prices, because they’re comparatively new and making their way up in the market. You can easily use the price range slider at www.tuitionary.com.sg/search to conveniently shortlist education centres according to your budget.

Is it near my house?

Our children have packed schedules as it is. The last thing they need is an hour long commute to the tuition centre, followed by an equally long journey back. Don’t forget they may have homework to attend to and it is unhealthy for children to have no time to meet and play with their friends.

You can browse for tuition centres by location, and contact them for free through Tuitionary.

Class size

The bigger the class, the less individual attention can be given to students. Most parents prefer smaller class sizes, but do consider your child’s social preferences: some children dislike the intense attention that comes with being in a small class of three or four.

Note that for tuition centres, class sizes can vary significantly by subject. Chinese or English tuition classes, for example, are often more packed than Science classes.

Your child’s feedback

This is the most important consideration. After the first quarter (three months), consult your children on how they find the lessons.

I am not referring to academic results – these will be obvious for you to see, on test papers and in report cards. Rather, I am referring to how comfortable your child is with the teaching methods.

Some tuition and enrichment centres have an engaging, outgoing approach to their lessons, which is great for extroverted children (but causes the introverted ones a lot of anxiety.) Some children don’t like being called out to present things to the class.

Alternatively, the reverse may happen. More extroverted children may loathe quiet study sessions, where everyone keeps to their own work.

Classroom management, with regard to discipline, is also important here. You will know best if your child needs a stern hand in the classroom, or a more relaxed and playful approach. One is not “better” than the other, as different children will react differently to either. Speak to your children to determine if they are getting the right treatment.

We hope you find the tips helpful and if you are unsure of which centre to choose, just call Tuitionary’s expert at 91097425 for a free assessment of your child and make the best decision.

Discover and book the best tuition centre and enrichment classes near you today at www.tuitionary.com.sg 


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